Wimag Motor Roller MW 2000

Vennligst velg


WIMAG has developed a new motor roller on the basis of experience. The motor roller meets the requirements of the equipment safety legislation (GS) and has been approved by the German Technical Control Board (TüV). Rolling can now be carried out in both directions without turning around by placing the driverŽs seat at an angle of 90° into the direction of travel. The 4-stroke engine guarantees smooth running with a fully hydraulic drive and gentle starting and braking. An emergency shut-off ensures optimum.

Technical data:
Motor: 4-stroke engine, 4 kW, regular gasoline
Drive: Maintenance-free hydraulic drive enabling gentle and infinitely variable starting.
Roller: Small turning circle through split roller, both rollers can be coupled to one another; both rollers can be filled with water, roller Ø 620 mm.
Scraper: Self-tensioning scraper on both rollers.
Speed: Approx. 0-60m/min., infinitely variable, forward and reverse
Working width: 900 mm
Weight: Empty: 330 kg, full: 535 kg
Dimensions: Length: 1600 mm, width: 1070 mm, height: 1200 mm


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