Turbo-Broom USP 20 “The Original”

Vennligst velg


The turbo-broom is a device developed specially to remove clay quickly, gently and effectively, particularly soiled clay in the springtime. It allows one person to clean a tennis court within an hour and achieve an unsurpassed level of cleanliness.
It deposits the removed material in 3-6 strips and the worn clay can easily be swept up. It is impossible to damage lines with the turbo-broom, which
makes scraping a court clean a thing of the past. With our NEW DEVELOPMENT we are setting new standards in spring maintenance which will save clubs both time and money.

Technical data:
Engine: Honda four-stroke engine, 3.5 hp.
Tires: Balloon-type tires
Sweeping broom: Rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise
Working width: Approx. 90 cm


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