Strengemaskin Challenger 1 Black

Vennligst velg


Strengemaskin Challenger 1 med lodd. En enkel og solid maskin med alt du trenger for å komme igang med å strenge tennisracketer. 


Main features: - excellent quality – the string gripper mechanism is gentle on strings – 6 point mounting (for tennis rackets) – tension weight splits for tennis, squash and badminton – tension range: from 6 to 37kg – modern swivel clamping system – incl. 2 Ultimate tennis clamps – integrated tool tray – . Please note: The machine comes with tennis clamps, badminton clamps need to be ordered separately.

Technologically advanced drop weight stringing machine. The new design ratchet tension system offers major advantages: 1. it can be operated with one hand, 2. simplifying the tensioning process

3. more accurate results.


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