Head evoulotion

Vennligst velg

Feeling curious about the sport and keen to give it a try? Try the Evolution Bela and see how quickly you are hooked. Its frame is reinforced with Innegra technology for improved power and less vibration. This version has the same look as the racquet used by the world no. 1 Fernando Belasteguín, in red and black tones. As if that was not enough, and to help you get started, it also has a large sweetspot to help you make your first winning shots. Padel is a way of life!

Weight: 370 g
Head size: 450 cm²
Balance: 275
Beam: 38 mm

pecial heat treated high modulus carbon fibres enhance the stiffness of the racquet. As a result, this technology provides ultimate power and outstanding durability.

Innegra™ is today the worlds lightest high performance fibre. Its extreme toughness together with HEADs advanced carbon composite technology leads to a novel ultra tough hybrid composite.



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